Interim manager


Pharmaceutical company


2007 - 2010


Netherlands; Oss

Project Type:

Interim Management, Project Managment, Consultancy

Project Function:

Manager, Project Manager


Description of activities

During this period several activities have been performed. An overview in random order:

Application Manager of a large DCS system (Invensys) until a new application manager was found and trained.

Setting up a application management department for a large scale bio-technology production facility. After some time the scope was enlarged to all bio-technology plants (7 in total). During this period a large information system (sharepoint) was set-up by me that contained an inventory of all automation systems for all factories, including all system documentation. Application Managers were trained in managing the applications in an efficient and consistent way, based on procedures. I was strategic and financial responsible for all automations systems in de Bio-tech division. I helped to optimize the project execution method and did setup a sharepoint to control all Biotech projects.

As a project manager several small and large MES and process control systems were specified , implemented or upgraded.

As a consultant I started several improvement projects, like Risk based verification, risk based change control and process improvement based on statistical information with CSENSE, SIPAT and several MES and reporting packages.

And may other activities.