Business Improvement Scans

To quickly understand the improvement potential of your business or you can plan a Business Improvement scan to be executed. Here I will focus on the goals of your company and I deliver a clear business case that demonstrates how these objectives can be realized. Using standards like ISA-88 and ISA-95, systems, processes and information structures will be visible and measurable (KPIs).

In the current era of budget cuts and fierce competition it is essential that firms invest in flexibility and optimization of production processes, to more quickly respond to market changes. It is also important to gain insight into production at any time, KPIs to read quickly and thus to intervene. Only when a clear and current understanding is obtained in the production, the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) can be improved.

To rapidly and clearly understand the issues and potential improvements a Business Improvement Scan is required. For the integration of information systems in the production environment is a blueprint of the information flow from the ERP systems to the systems on the production floor, so the factory can do what the planners want.

In the scans I focus in particular on:

  • Manufacturers of drugs, medicines, APIs
  • Producers in the food industries.


  • Direct insight into the performance of the plant
  • Increasing the flexibility of the production
  • Faster response to changing market situations
  • Lower production costs
  • Faster response to disruptions in production


  • DSM
  • Ahold Coffee Company
  • SAB Profile